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Body Massage in & Around Mumbai: Get refreshed

For Quality Massage & Health: Quan SPA Mumbai
Couple's Wedding Ritual (in Marriott hotel Mumbai)
3 hours per person
Calm pre-wedding stress (or take some time out together for a post-reception break) with a program of relaxation inducing spa treatments, taken together in the comfort, privacy and luxury of our Couple’s Room. Enjoy an in-room steam 30 minutes prior to your treatments starting.

Rose & Ashwaganda Milk Bath: A truly blissful and romantic bathing experience surrounded with rose petals.

Foot Ritual: Begin with a relaxing foot soak in Himalayan bath salts and follow with a thyme & peppermint foot scrub. An relaxing foot massage completes this ritual.

Body Polish: Your choice of a body polish. Choose from Allepey using coconut and fresh Cardamom; Kollegal using Sandalwood; Madurai using beautifully aromatic jasmine or Malabar using a blend of energizing and uplifting spices.

Aroma Fusion Massage (in Mumbai): A one hour deeply relaxing and calming body massage, using rhythmic Swedish massage techniques.
This package must be taken by two guests at the same time and all treatments must be taken within the same booking. This package is only available in our Couple's Room and we recommend that an advance booking be made to secure your preferred time.

The Quan spa couples room is a relaxation area within itself and is dedicated to the couple spending quality time together in a relaxing, soothing and completely private room.

Couple's Room features:
- Expansive shower area with steam facility
- Private changing area and toilet
- Bath robe, slippers and towels provided
- Free standing bath
- Fresh juices and water
- Fresh fruit
- Extra amenities can be arranged with prior notice and advanced booking.

Monsoon Raga
1 hour 30 minute, Rs. 6,500 + Tax

Abhyanga Massage
Alleviate stress on both physical and mental levels with this detoxifying treatment using warm medicated oils to stimulate circulation and provide a deep sense of relaxation.

Traditionally used to treat stress, Shirodhara is the pouring of warm, herb infused oil onto the forehead. This leaves you profoundly relaxed and aid the treatment of headache, migraine, insomnia and sinusitis.

Price of Rs 6,500 includes 1 hour 30 minutes of treatment time.
Package includes both Abhyanga and Shirodhara treatments.
Discount is not available to be used in conjunction with any other offers.

Please call spa team on

Quan Spa, Mumbai is a world away from the relentless whirl of bustling Mumbai, as it welcomes guests to a hushed ambience inspired by Chakra d├ęcor and the hypnotic sound of water. Water is at the heart of the Quan spa immersion, a rejuvenating journey that offers Vichy showers, baths, and treatments using Thalgo products created with ingredients from the sea. The healing properties of water, combined with Ayurvedic and other Indian life-enhancing therapies, define the breathtaking experience at Quan Spa Mumbai.

Quan Spa is located on the lower ground level of the JW Marriott Hotel Mumbai with central access to the Heat Experience areas, gymnasium and juice bar

Body Massage Services in Qua Spa Mumbai:
1 hour, Two Hands or Four Hands
This detoxifying treatment delivered by your choice of one or two therapists uses warm medicated oil to stimulate circulation, detoxification and relieve tension on both physical and mental levels. It includes a head massage and steam bath to facilitate absorption of the medicinal oils and enhance the sense of well being.

You choose whether to enjoy this treatment to be delivered by one therapist or two therapists.

Aroma Back, Neck & Shoulder in Mumbai
30 minutes
Relieve physical and emotional tension in the neck and shoulder area, performed using a specific blend of massage oils with pure plant extracts.

Aroma Fusion Massage in Mumbai
60 or 90 minutes
A mentally uplifting oil blend traditionally used in Southern India in temples and rituals to raise consciousness, Parijat is incorporated with aromatic Himalayan floral extracts and lotus to provide a deeply relaxing, calming massage based on Swedish techniques.

Deep Renewal Massage in Mumbai
1 hour
Deep tissue massage releases chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct deep pressure or friction. Using strong pressure your therapist can focus on specific areas of tension. It is important to drink plenty of filtered water after this massage to help the body's natural elimination processes.

Earth & Ocean Hot Stone Massage in Mumbai
75 minutes
This massage begins with a warm stone exfoliation using marine algae, relaxing aromatherapy oil blends and a sprinkling of pure sea salts. A flowing full body massage with the stones follow which is ultimately relaxing. Cold stones provide a revitalizing finish.

Foot Reflex Massage in Mumbai
45 minutes
A traditional massage technique of applying gentle pressure to the reflex points of the feet. Both deeply relaxing and therapeutic, points on the feet are massaged and stimulated to release blocked energy from corresponding areas in your body.

Foot Ritual in Mumbai
30 minutes
A restorative yet relaxing foot treatment that begins with a sublime footbath of Himalayan Bath Salts, Tangerine and Rose, providing immediate relaxation. An exfoliation with an Ayurvedic Foot Scrub follows and then a scented balm is applied using a gentle foot massage that will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed.

Indian Head Massage in Mumbai
30 minutes
Traditionally used as a quick stress reliever in India, the trigger points on the head are stimulated to induce relaxation. This treatment uses Ksheerabala oil, reknowned for its relaxing properties.

Pizichil in Mumbai
1 hour
Tried and tested by Indian royalty for centuries to maintain youth and vitality, this treatment starts with massage to facilitate circulation and is followed by the anointing of warm medicated oil. A steam and a hot shower using herbal bath powders follow leaving your mind relaxed and your skin feeling revitalized.

Shirodhara in Mumbai
45 minutes
Traditionally used to treat stress related disorders, Shirodhara is the pouring of warm medicated oil onto the forehead. It is said to open the third eye to absorb cosmic energy. On a physical level it will leave you profoundly relaxed and aid the treatment of headache, migraine, insomnia and sinusitis.

We recommend a period of rest after this treatment, allowing your mind and body to relax.

Spice Bundle Massage in Mumbai
1 hour
Taken from the centuries old Ayurvedic tradition and performed by two therapists, medicated oil infused poultices filled with wild spices and hand picked forest herbs bring warmth and pain relief when applied to the body. A relaxing and effective treatment for easing joint stiffness, improving mobility and increasing flexibility.

Thai Massage in Mumbai
60 or 90 minutes
Formerly available only in the sacred temples of Thailand, traditional Thai Massage uses gentle and rhythmic rocking, pressure and stretching to balance the flow of Qi energy throughout the body, improving flexibility and relieving muscle tension.

Spa Reservations
Tel: +91 22 66933000

Spa Opening Hours
10:00 am to 10:30 pm Daily

Enjoy one of the best massage & SPA body services in Mumbai in one of the best ambiences.

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