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Body Massage & SPA in Pune

The city of Pune is said to be the cultural capital of the Maharastra state. Located 120 km from Mumbai, the city is one of major tourist destinations in India. Pune city now counts amongst the most developed cities of India.

One of the major attractions of the city is Osho Commune International, an ashram set up by Rajneesh Osho for teaching meditation. Apart from that, the city serves as the base for visiting Shirdi, known for housing the samadhi temple of Sri Sai Baba. The Buddhist caves of Bhaja and Karla are also situated quite near to Poona. The rich history, architecture and culture of the city makes it a must visit destination for the tourist coming to India.

Pune is also famous for its night life. There are bars, pubs, discos, lounge, jazz and opera theaters with wine, adding colours to its night life. Being cultural center of Indian Film Industry, Pune holds its own importance. There are numerous institutes, cultural and hobby centers which specialize one in entertainment industry. For art lovers there are various spots where you can watch your favorite movie or attend a cultural concert.

Similary Pune has several avenues to get relaxed with a good body massage & SPA. You got several options to choose from. Several national & internation spa chains have opened their brances in Pune. I have compiled a list of all high end good quality massage & SPA services for you. Ask for the massage deals before you finalize. Several establishments offer great discounts & top deals offering huge discounts. So go & find the one closest you & relax:

The Four Fountains Spa - Koregaon Park:
The Four Fountains is a spa that offers various therapies like Harmonising Aromatherapy, Thai Meridian Therapy, Abhyangam, Age defying Facial and Body polishes. They have specially designed packages for men and women like Ladies Day Out and Gentleman's Retreat. You could also opt for membership.

A brainchild of IIT/IIM graduates Saurabh Garg, Arnab Mitra and Anurag Kedia apart from Sunil Rao from S P Jain Institute of Management and Research, Four Fountains has been positioned as a spa that provides therapy at reasonable rates.

Located at Koregaon Park, it has been named after the Four Fountains of Heaven, which represent youth, abundance, joy and tranquility. Beautifully decorated with Buddha molds and candles with splashes of color here and there, the spa has about seven rooms with a bathroom installed in each.

What you get - The spa has body polishes, body wraps, facials and many other packages for men and women. In world therapies they have the Swedish Therapy (Rs. 699 an hour) which is a deep tissue massage that uses firm but gentle pressure and is known to relax, improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension.

They even have the Harmonizing aroma therapy (Rs. 799) which is essentially done with natural oils from flowers, herbs, leaves and fruits. From the Far East there is the Thai Meridian Therapy (Rs. 699) which is not an oil massage but takes into consideration Marma (energy) points. They also have thirty minute massages like comforting foot reflexology (Rs. 299) and back therapy (Rs. 399) to eliminate pain in those areas.

In Indian therapies, they have the Abhyangam (Rs. 699), which involves application of herbal oils using soft and gentle strokes in the downward direction. You could also give Shirodhara a try, where warm herbal oil is gently poured on the forehead (Rs. 1,299). This is said to help in curing fatigue, mental exhaustion, anxiety, insomnia, headache and nervousness.

They also have various facials (Rs. 749-899), body polishes (Rs. 899) and body wraps for Rs. 1,349 (body polish plus body mask). Their special package for men is interestingly called Gentleman’s Retreat (Rs. 2,149). Similarly the one for the women is called Ladies Day Out (Rs. 2,249).

Our verdict – MetroMela opted for the Ladies Day Out package, a 140-minute therapy which includes body polish, use of aromatherapy, body wrap and a facial. We noticed that there is sufficient care with respect to hygiene as they handed out disposable garments for use. Besides, we found the therapy relaxing and refreshing. As far as prices are concerned, members of the spa can avail special discounts. All in all, it’s a great attempt from the young turks. However, they could have more or just separate washrooms for men and women.
Anytime between – 7.30 AM - 9.30 PM

1st Floor – Artha Vishwa,
Opp. The Great Punjab Restaurant,
Lane 5
Koregaon Park
Pune 411001
Tel No. - 020-64013333 / 64013482
Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 9 pm


The Four Fountains Spa, Aundh:
The Four Fountains Spa is India's first chain of affordable health spas. Spa therapies that cost in thousands at five-star spas are available at The Four Fountains Spa at extremely affordable prices! Four Fountains offers therapies for destressing, detoxification, immunity and beauty which include more than 20 massages, body polishes, body wraps and facials from around the world.
Click here for The Four Fountain Spa Review
The Four Fountains Spa - Aundh,
1st Floor – Varsha Court,
Near HDFC Bank,
Anand Park,
Pune 411007
Tel No. - 9665988099 / 020-64002222 / 64019659
Timings : Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 9 pm

The Four Fountains Spa - Bhandarkar Road
1st Floor – Pradyumna,
Lane next to Spencer’s Supermarket
Off Bhandarkar Road,
Pune 411004
Tel No. - 020-64001100 / 64000168
Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 9 pm

The Four Fountains Spa - Magarpatta City
1st Floor – Gymkhana, Magarpatta City,
Pune 411028
Tel No. - 020-65004444
Open 7 days a week, 8 am - 9 pm
The Four Fountain
Mahanirvan Spa
Mahanirvan Spa is the biggest day spa in Pune spread over 6500 sq. ft. area, that has been built to serve the community of Pune and beyond. Mahanirvan Spa is dedicated to restoring balance and harmonizing energies through a holistic approach blending the healing principles of the East and West with a specific focus on Yoga & Meditation along with contemporary spa technology.Mahanirvana Inspired by Buddhist way of life, surrounded by bamboo groves, gentle waterfalls and soothing textures, each spa treatment has been carefully designed using innovative, trendsetting products in harmony with the natural elements of the Earth.At Mahanirvana Spa Experience lavish pampering therapies, mind and body balancing spa-yoga sessions, soul uplifting meditation sessions, lip smacking healthy cuisines from across the globe and more in a beautiful and relaxing setting at Mahanirvan Experience the Enchantment Mahanirvan understands the mind-body-spirit connection, and treats guests to a level of healing and relaxation that rebuilds the self that has been damaged by stress to the body and soul.Experience Wellness Like Never Before.Mahanirvana spa is located in Nagar Road ,Pune.

Mahanirvan Spa offers a range of massage therapy services. We tailor our massages to meet each individual's unique needs. We offer over three years of hands on experience and a combined total of over 2,000 hours of instruction. Mahanirvan Spa is proud to offer the following services:

Body Massages :-
Red Indian LomiLomi
With gentle & vigorous strokes LomiLomi cleanses and relaxes the body (Duration: 90 min.) (Price: Rs. 1999)

Deep Tissue
Treatment targets your body's deepest layers of muscles and releases tension in over stressed areas
(Duration: 90 min.) (Price: Rs. 1999)

A Japanese therapy where-in you lie on a floor mat
while the therapist gently rocks and stretches your body and applies fingers and thumb pressure to the meridian points (Duration: 90 min.) (Price: Rs. 1499)

Back Massage
Reduces stress that sets up along the back (Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 699)

Head-Neck-Shoulder Massages
Releases tension from an area of the body most affected by stress - the head, neck, and the shoulder
(Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 699)

Thai massage purports to preserve good health and balance energy, and it also reduces muscle tension, encourages relaxation, and increases flexibility.
Variations: Thai massage with oil / without oil (Duration: 60/90 min.) (Price: Rs. 1199/1999)

The massage helps you to escape the everyday concerns and puts you back in touch with your senses, Choose from our exclusive aroma menu which suits you or customize your own with the help of our
Aroma-therapist: Relax/ Detox/ Rejuve/ Support (Duration: 70 min.) (Price: Rs. 1499)

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage relaxes the nervous system, aids circulation and helps with detoxification
(Duration: 60/90 min.) (Price: Rs. 1199/1499)

Balinese Massage
Tension areas are eased away using thumbs and long strokes with skin rolling, percussion and pressure circles enhanced with Balinese oils (Duration: 60 min.) (Price: Rs. 1199)

Purifying and rejuvenating therapy designed to eliminate toxins and mental exhaustion as well as relieve stress and any ill effects on the central nervous system (Duration: 60 min.) (Price: Rs. 1499)

Abhyangam :- Abyangha is a full body massage, which is usually done by medicated sesame oil (Duration: 60 min.) (Price: Rs. 1199)

Spa Baths
Revitalizing Herbal Bath
Marinade yourself in the herbal goodness with an exotic blend of ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and a squeeze of fresh kaffir lime juice and laze in the Jacuzzi laced with Marine Herbal salts
(Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 999)

Signature Luxurious Royal ‘Mahanirvan
Milk BathLavish milk bath infused with a mix of Seven different fragrant flowers laced with Floral Sea Salts
infused with rich aromatic floral oils, while candles gently flicker to bring a sense of deep relaxation and pleasure (Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 1499)

Spicy Chai Tea Milk Bath
Take pleasure in the benefits of this ancient bathing ritual with a cup of chai served with milk and honey
(Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 999)

Balinese Orange & Lime Milk Bath
Orange Milk foam bath scented with Floral oils infused Sea Salt & sweet Balinese oranges that are cultivated in the highlands of the Kintamani district (Duration: 30 min.) (Price: Rs. 999)

4th Floor, Uttam Towers, Nagar Road
Pune, Maharashtra 411001
Contact : 020 6510 2060
Mahanirvan Spa

Panache salon and spa at Viman Nagar is one of the best salons and spas in Pune. The treatments here are both relaxing and effective. The lovely interiors and a qualified staff makes the spa experience memorable. Experienced and skilled hair stylists and skin therapists with personalized service is their hallmark. The pricing at Panache is very reasonable.

Opposite Datta Mandir,
Datta Mandir Chowk,
Symbiosis Road,
Clover Park,
Viman Nagar, Pune - 411017
Phone : 020 64004444

The O Spa
The O Spa is an answer to a tired mind, body & soul. Located at The O Hotel, Pune (Also nominated in the 'Best Boutique Spa' category of the Pevonia asiaSpa Awards 2009). Indulge in some unabashed pampering with The O Salon.
North Main Road,
Koregaon Park
Pune - 411001
Phone : 020 40011000

Tequeela Salon And Spa
Fancy a chance meeting with your senses? or perhaps even some solitude with them, celebrate them? Get that haircut you never dared to! Get a foot massage that shall lull you to bliss Or a body therapy that will transport you to a place unknown hitherto - Tequeela Salon And Spa is the place! Located in the calm and central neighbourhoods of North Main Road, Koregaon Park, is one of the top salon and spa's in Pune. Address
A-2, Aashiyana Park,
North Main Road,
Koregaon park,
Pune 411001
Phones : 020 32509621, 26151900
Email :
The Heavenly Spa, Westin
Enliven your mind and body at the Heavenly Spa by Westin located at Koregaon Park Annexe, mundhwa road and experience the absolute bliss with amazing spa packages. Best botanical treatments are available for the face and body. Amazing and a large selection of massage therapies, facials, and body wraps to choose from. They also have special signature packages designed for couples.
36/3-B Koregaon Park Annexe,
Mundhawa Road,
Pune, 411001
Phone: 020 6721 0000

O2 Spa
O2 Spa is India’s only leading 'Premium Class' airport spa chain in India. O2 spa located at Ashoka Mall Pune and Pune Airport gives you an extensive menu of over 30 body and beauty treatments, integrating the traditional systems with the more Contemporary Western spa approach
Bund Garden Road
Pune, 411001,
Phone : 09561821566
Skah Body Opulence:
Skah Body Opulence is a day spa offering nail spa, body massages, nail spa. They are located at koregaon park, Pune, India.

Skah Body Opulence at Koregaon Park is a luxurious high-end spa. “They focus on the quality of the treatments, products, trainers and of course, the ambience”, proprietor Riona Biyani said.

There are affordable treatments as well as more expensive packages for couples, which costs Rs5,000 per head.

At Skah, the candle therapy involves using aromatic candle oil for massages to soothe and relax tired muscles which costs Rs2,500 . Marine algae, aromatherapy oils, sea salts and cold stones are utilised for the earth and ocean hot stone massage (Rs3,200) while the rose and ‘ashwagandha’ milk bath (Rs900) at The Quan Spa claims to exfoliate, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Skah Relaxation Lounge
- Relax with our Authentic Feet, Hand, Head & Shoulder Massages.
- Head–Neck–Shoulder Massage
- Head Massage
- Thai Foot Massage
- Basalt Foot Relaxation

Skah Body Treatments
When you enjoy a massage, you are participating in an ancient healing practice that has been used for centuries all over the world. It is the oldest form of healthcare.

- Aromatherapy
- Hot Stone
- Relaxation
- Traditional Thai Massage
- Sports Massage
- Signature immuni-Tea Ritual

1, Adit Enclave, P. P. No. 393, Lane No. 5,
South Main Road, Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411 001. Maharashtra, India.

p : +91 20 40024878 / 26052005 / 260520006
m : +91 9922938457
e :
Sohum Spa
Sohum Spa is a luxury wellness spa that have been created from the passion to make available scientifically validated wellness therapies in a completely relaxing aesthetic environment.
Pyramid Complex No. 81/82
North Main Road,
Koregaon Park,
Pune, 411036,
Phone : 020 66826300
Soham Spa

Lizze's Aspen Spa
Lizze's at Koregaon park, Pune offers their clients an experience that combines the beauty and allure of natural and ancient traditions with the sophistication of modern Spa technique. Experience the wonderful Thai Massage by experts from Thailand.
Address :
2nd Floor,
Jewel Square,
Next to Taj Blue Diamond,
Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411001
Phones: 65009278, 65009279

The Spa Experts is the finest Spa in Pune offering world class experience in a serene and luxurious ambiance with widest range of spa therapies, massages, scrubs, polishes, wraps, spa indulgence packages. A sensory experience of pure indulgance into the relaxing aroma, music, luxury, healing touch defines Touche. Whether its de-stress or pampering, we have a perfect therapy for every body,mind and soul.

Escape it All and pamper yourself with bliss, at Touche and unwind

Toüché Spa,
4th Floor, Uttam Towers,
Opp. Agakhan Palace,
Kalyani Nagar - Nagar Road,
Pune - 411006

Telephone: 020 - 65102060
Direct Mobile Line: +91 99 23 800 300

Business hours
Open 7 days a week- 10am to 10pm
*Closed on December 25
Dr. Daga's Wellness Clinic and Holistic Spa (Unisex)

Dr. Daga’s Wellness and Holistic Clinic, located on ITI Road, is an upscale wellness spa that runs under the aegis of Dr. Ratanlal Daga, Dr. Vidya Daga and Dr. Abhay Daga. The doctors have been honoured with various awards for their exceptional services. The clinic offers a wide range of authentic and old tradition of holistic as well as Ayurvedic spa treatments such as fish pedicure, manicure, types of massages, foot reflexology, and more.

These services are established on decades of research studies and excellence in patient care. The spa boasts of highly skilled and professional staff dedicated to provide unmatched services to the patients.

2nd Floor, Abhinav Sankul,
Above Kobe Sizzler's, Near Fab India, ITI Road
Aundh, Pune
Phone: 9271111013, 9405033338, 020-25880112
Timing: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm (all seven days)

Nirvaana Express Spa (Spree Hotel)

Nirvaana Express Spa is one of the facilities provided by the Spree Lotus Valley, Pune. Located in one of the largest industrial zones of Asia, Spree Lotus Valley is a comfortable and cosy business hotel. Because of its location, it is one of the best choices of accommodation for the business travellers. The business travellers staying at Spree Lotus Valley can relieve themselves from work stress by spending their time in Nirvaana Spa. Open till late, the spa centre offers massages from head to toe and the service takes only 15 minutes to 1 hour. So, even if you are in your business tour, you can feel relaxed and fresh.

Spree Hotel Lotus Valley,
Plot No. A-70, H Block,
MIDC, Opp. Morwadi Court,
Pin: 411018
Phone: 020-30614900
Timing: 10 AM - 10 PM

Prakriti Ayurved and Panchakarma Upchar Kendra (Unisex)

Prakriti Ayurved and Panchakarma Upchar Kendra is an exclusive unisex Ayurvedic spa and clinic. The centre has numerous therapies that help put an end to individual problems especially stress-related issues. In the treatments offered, a complete analysis is done to understand the root cause of problems an Individual is suffering from, and based on the findings, herbal medication is prescribed. Treatment and counselling is done until the problem is completely cured and eliminated from the root. The clinic also has an in-house pharmacy that provides herbs and herbal medicines sourced from authentic sources.

Chaitanya Market, 2nd Floor,
Next to Omkar Collection, Opposite Mata Market,
Ganesh Nagar, Main Road,
Navi Sangvi, Pune
Pin: 411027
Phone: 9860391721
Timing: 9:30 am to 1:00 pm and 5:30 am to 9:30 pm

Therapy Ayurveda
Therapy Ayurveda was operational from Jan-2001. The first center was at Begumpet, Hyderabad. Today, within less than a decade after starting the first center, they have presence all across India. The international division started in 2007, and they also started centers in Canada and South Africa.

With utmost importance to Authentic Ayurveda, quality of service, hygiene, R&D and customer care, they are clearly redefining the standards of this industry. All the centers are equipped with qualified and experienced doctor, high quality medicines, well trained and experienced therapists and above all the highly researched and standardized practices across all centers.

Viman Nagar, Pune

Ista Pune Wisdom of Ayurveda
Ayurvedic experiences at Ista Pune promote positive health in many ways: They revitalize the nervous system relieve fatigue promote sound sleep improve the complexion slow down the ageing process nourish the body as a whole enhance immunity pacify and relax the mind protect the being from stress and strain.

You will be guided to select an experience that is best for you. Discover tranquillity through the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda and let the Spa at Ista Pune take you on a journey towards total wellbeing.

ABHYANGA (55 minutes)
A Synchronized whole body massage performed by two therapists using Ista’s exclusive tridoshic infused sesame oil. This massage is sometimes otherwise known as the four handed massage performed to improve overall wellbeing.

SHIRODHARA (55 minutes)
Lukewarm herbal oil is poured in an even stream onto the forehead to pacify and revitalise the mind and body. In addition to its intense rejuvenating and anti ageing effects, Shirodhara improves memory, normalises sleep patterns and treats other neurological disorders.

Following a full body massage with Ista’s exclusive tridoshic infused sesame oil, therapeutic sweating is induced by the application of warm herbal poultices. Choornaswedana is commonly known as the herbal bundle massage. It increases circulation, eliminates toxins and relieves rheumatism, arthritis and sports injuries.

UDWARTHANA (45 minutes)
A deep, dry scrub come massage using herbal powders, which stimulate the hair follicles assisting in the breakdown the body’s excess subcutaneous fat. This experience aims to address obesity and the removal of harmful toxins, superb for body firming and toning.

TAN LEPA (55 minutes)
A specialised Ayurvedic Body Mask, in which Ista’s exclusive tridoshic root powders are mixed into a paste with pure water and applied to stimulate and cleanse the body, assisting it to adjust to seasonal changes.

MUKH LEPA (55 minutes)
For centuries Mukh Lepa has been used as a beauty ritual for Indian women. Traditional herbs are used to cleanse tone, exfoliate and finally hydrate. A dosha specific herbal mask is applied to the face to bring out the beauty within.

KATI VASTI (special for the programmer's back) (30 minutes)
A small circle of paste made from black gram or wheat flour, is placed strategically on the lower back. Warmed oil is then poured into the depression created by the ring of paste. This soothes muscular tissue, alleviates pain and lubricates the discs and nerves.

Discover an emotional and physical renewal of energies through our menu of carefully selected Spa experiences. Enjoy the healing and energizing touch of our caring Spa therapists as they soothe away stress and tension through tried and tested wellness regimes, carefully selected to maintain and create the holistic balance between mind, body and soul. Let the Spa at Ista cocoon you in a sublime experience.

Ista Pune88, Nagar Road,
Adjacent to Aga Khan Palace
Yerwada, Pune – 411006
Tel: 91(20) 41418888
Fax: 91(20) 41419999


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    Late night appointments requires 3-4 hrs prior notice.
    Early morning appointments requires atleast 8-10 hrs prior notice.
    Day time appointments requires 15mints to 90 mints prior notice depending upon your location.
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